The Marriage Merger


The Marriage Merger by Sandy Curtis

She’s expecting a holiday.

He wants a solution.

Jenna Martin knows a great body when she sees one. After all, bodies are her business. And Braden Fleetwood has the sexiest body she’s seen in a long time.

But one disastrous love affair was enough. She doesn’t need to fall for someone like him.

Braden has always been in control, building up his business empire, protecting his sister, taking pride in his strong-minded niece; but now he is frustrated beyond measure, helpless to restore the shattered lives of the only people he has allowed himself to love.

What he doesn’t want is the woman he needs.

Can they both learn that healing isn’t always physical?

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Type: Novel
ISBN: 9781310495328
Format: Paperback, e-book
On Sale: April 2015

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Reviews for The Marriage Merger:

“This book was an unexpected delight. I had many preconceived ideas about it based on the title alone. I wrongly assumed that the book would be the typical rich guy needs to get married for some bizarre reason and then the guy and girl fall in love. I was pleasantly surprised by the nature of the plot. The story was fresh and believable. It drew me in so much so that I completely lost track of time and barely got to my kids’ pick-up line on time.Jenna’s resistance to falling for the hot rich Braden Fleetwood rang true because her reasoning was based on a thoughtful process rather than petulance. She realizes, “That dependency can be misread as attraction, but it’s an attraction which doesn’t outlast the patient’s treatment.” She acknowledges, “I want all the things you despise – marriage for love, children for love.”In the beginning of the book, the author mentions that Braden is immensely wealthy but throughout the story his money doesn’t play into an extravagant lifestyle used to impress Jenna. Again, this made the story charming.I would recommend reading this book.”
Liz Ellyn, posted on Amazon

‘This is a wonderfully written book that will keep you reading until you finish, I know it did for me. This is a great romance that offers everything you would expect from a book of this genre. The story line is inspiring and creative. The dialogue between characters is very well written and there is nice pace to the authors style of writing. It is easy to lose yourself in the story of Jenna and Braden. You will find yourself with a warm hearted feeling while reading this book; I know you will love it. I highly recommend it to anyone.”
Louie, posted on Amazon

“Another fantastic book from a must read author. I gulped it down in no time, really drawn in by the characters and the story. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a gorgeous man willing to do anything to help his young niece. Braden is a strong hero, brought to his knees by his niece’s pain, and Jenna is the perfect woman to heal both their wounds. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a happy ending.”
Shell, posted on Amazon

“The Marriage Merger was a fresh , unique story by Sandy Curtis. It was not the usual love story involving the arrogant jerk and humble heroine and a blackmailed marriage etc..It was a heartwarming novel about Braden and Jenna falling in love under unforeseen circumstances and being drawn to each other through the mutual love of his niece.A well written plot by the author.Character description and dialogue was interesting. I would recommend this romance to others as it was a charming read.”