No Cure For Love


No Cure For Love by Sandy Curtis

He’s back in her life.

But she can’t let him back in her heart.

It’s taken eleven years for Lani Campbell to build a new life and find peace. Peace that is shattered when Luke Tarrant walks back into her life.

Once he’d loved her. Once he’d vowed vengeance on her family. With time had come understanding and acceptance. But when Luke sees Lani again, eleven long years are stripped away and his heart tells him his love has never died, only been denied.

Bewildered by Lani’s reaction to him, Luke searches for answers to the pain and fear he appears to have brought into her life.

When they are forced to share an isolated hut in the rugged Queensland bush, passion re-ignites a flame that has never been extinguished, but will love give Lani the strength to conquer the traumas of her past?

Product Details
Type: Novel
Format: e-book
On Sale:  April 2015


Reviews for No Cure For Love:

“I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Lani. Lani is a woman who is broken by her past and the one man she thought that she caused it all is back in her life. She wonders for how long though, and if they both knew the truth of that time would it bring them together or tear them apart.Luke has thought that the woman he loved left him with no explanation. Well he wants one now. He contracts to work at her job as a consultant to make the computer system more efficient. Luke knows there is something still there between him and Lani but can he get her to realize it before she shuts that door for good.This is an amazing story about love, redemption, and the power of the truth. There are many ups and downs in this book and I would highly recommend it.”
Jenny Harris, posted on Amazon

“I was given a gifted copy by Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.
Love is the best thing that ever can happen to a human being. However, when love becomes an obsession it turns into hatred.
Lani and Luke had been in love eleven years ago but something happened and they broke up going separate ways. Now, Luke appears again in Lani’s life which terrifies her. What happened years ago? Why does Lani pulled away every time he tries to touch her? Why is she so angry with him?
Well-written, quick to read, page turned story where the author doesn’t reveal anything till the very end. A great read for anybody.”
Marichus Real, posted on Amazon

“Penetrative and thrilling. The emotions and the struggle in finding love have been beautifully presented. The choice of words is simple and very apt and the language used has fluidity and coherency. Lani’s effort in accepting Luke into her life and denial of her feelings of love for him has been exquisitely presented. It’s truly a remarkable novel and I loved reading it. Speaking of the language once again; they are a masterstroke and so succinctly presented.”
Neeshant Srivastava, posted on Amazon

“No cure for love covers the story of Luke and Lani. It’s been many years since Luke and Lani were together but when Lani faints it is Luke who rescues her but this begins a story of their love. Does Lani have the strength to overcome their past and find love again.Love Sandy Curtis’ writing. Devoured on one read.”
Cathleen Ross, posted on Amazon

“I really enjoyed reading this book. It had saddest and joy and love in it. The story was a very good story about jealous and hated can sometimes make people do things especially if alcohol is in the picture. It is sad that Lani had to go through what she did. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story.”
Lydia, posted on Amazon

“Was a great read! Very well written and good story line, I will look for more books from her!”
Rose, posted on Amazon