A Tender Deception


A Tender Deception by Sandy Curtis

When she opens the door of her beach house and a man falls, unconscious, into her arms, Emma Richmond thinks he has survived an accident at sea. But she soon discovers his wounds are bullet wounds, and finds it hard to believe his explanation for them.

Nick Marshall – dynamic, enterprising, a driven man whose private life is exactly that – is a man with secrets.

Emma, struggling with the guilt caused by the death of her estranged husband, a man whose abuse and infidelities failed to break her spirit, is shocked by the desire Nick stirs within her. The last thing she needs is the compelling attraction she feels for this man, who, although he tries to control his physical desire for her, is adamant he will leave as soon as his wounds heal.

Secrets. Lies. Can love conquer their terrible legacy?

Product Details
Type: Novel
Format: e-book
On Sale:  April 2015


Reviews of A Tender Deception:

“I enjoyed this book, especially the Queensland setting.”
EMR, posted on Amazon

“A lovely romance with surprising twists and turns and a hint of danger.”
Shell, posted on Amazon